My Yoga Story

Who am I? And why am I so passionate about yoga? Because that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

So here is my story.

The Past Me: I grew up completely unconnected to my body in any real way. I felt a lot of shame and hatred towards myself that manifested in an eating disorder in high school. Throughout my college experience, I also dealt with deep anxiety and depression to the level that for a season I did not want to even leave my room for fear of the outside world. It took everything in me to go get groceries or go on a simple walk (and I was living in Chicago at the time!). I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease my senior year in college, and that added even more complications to how I viewed myself and the world. When you can’t get out a bed, it’s hard to know how to find any sort of happiness or joy. I felt stuck in a cycle of self-hatred and abusive tendencies towards myself that left me fearful and unable to speak out for myself on any real level.

In 2015, my health finally completely tanked because of Lyme Disease, and I hit rock bottom over the next 2 years. But that’s when I found yoga. As my body fell apart, I began to realize that there was such a disconnect between my mind, body, and spirit–and that this disconnect was wrecking havoc on my entire being. So I started attending a yoga class and immediately fell in love with it. I knew it was a way to continue working out while I dealt with my health, a tool used to save me in a very dire time for me emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

So in 2015, I dedicated myself to a regular yoga and meditation practice. Two years later in 2017, I began the process of becoming a registered yoga teacher because of the powerful impact it had on my life.

The Me Now:
 I’m a fully confident woman who loves myself, my body, and the way I am made. No longer do I have sleepless night ridden in anxiety. No longer do I have to force myself to walk out of the front door.

Personally, I have fought through many layers of healing to become a fully loving, courageous person who has traveled the world and recently hiked a 14er for the first time. I am free!!! Yes, I still have health problems–but I have come a LONG way. I can’t really begin to describe the night and day difference between who I was and who I am now.

In short, I’ve been transformed from the inside out. No, I’m not perfect–and I will always struggle. Don’t get me wrong. But I am so much more at peace now–with myself and with the world.


I can’t wait to bring that sort of inner peace to you, to help you along with your journey. Read more about my yoga training, check out my classes, and join me in some way in your own story.

yoga teacher Teryn O'Brien


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