We all have a story.

Maybe yours is full of frustration, pain, or confusion. Maybe it’s overall pretty good, but there’s a nagging feeling of wanting more. Maybe you present a confident persona, but you feel anxious all the time inside. Maybe you followed what you thought was supposed to bring fulfillment and have only become more disillusioned in the process. Maybe you’ve been warring with your body and mind for years with no peace in sight.

I’m here to tell you that the story in your head doesn’t have to dictate your life. The story you’ve always believed isn’t the truth. With intentionality and honesty, you can rewrite those patterns and questions in your head or in your past.

And yoga can be a beautiful part of that story. Whether you want to jumpstart a more healthy lifestyle or want to find more inner peace, the amazing thing about yoga is that it can connect body and mind in a special way.

Your story can be rewritten–just like mine was.

So step onto a mat with me and see what can happen.

Offering a variety of transformative yoga classes for the mind + body.

All are welcome in a warm, friendly environment.

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